Being There: Oral Surgeons You Can Count On At Any Time

Being There: Oral Surgeons You Can Count On At Any Time

When your car breaks down on a lonely stretch of highway or your home furnace needs repair in the dead of winter, it’s reassuring to know there is a trusted specialist you can call on to respond to your emergency.

It’s no different when one of your patients has an oral surgery emergency and you need a trusted specialist. That’s our role at Manchester Oral Surgery.

We are two doctors who fully understand that when one of your patients has an emergency, you want to be able to call on an oral surgeon who will be there to provide the best possible care. We are conveniently located and completely accessible.

You can be assured that one, if not both, of us will be in our Manchester office to accept your emergency. In fact, we have a phone line dedicated to taking calls from doctors. Our trained staff will triage your call, consult with one of the doctors and, in most cases, arrange to have your patients seen on the same day.

Just as importantly, your patients will be treated with the same care and concern they receive from you. We pride ourselves on caring for patients like family. Your patients will have their medical history reviewed, mouth examined and treatment discussed by the treating surgeon. We feel that personal time with our patients, as opposed to having consultations performed almost exclusively by staff members (as is the case in some other offices) is important.

Your patients’ treatment is tailored for their unique situation.  And should any post-operative complications arise, they are able to page our doctors directly, after hours, to have their questions answered. We feel we are a little different this way, rejecting the more common practice in oral surgery of having after-hours concerns first filtered by a dental assistant.

Finally, but no less significantly, we make your patients’ care affordable while doing the job right and not cutting corners. At Manchester Oral Surgery, your patients are visiting a quality-based practice, not a volume-based one.

Your patients can use their insurance benefits to see our doctors in nearly all cases.  We also process their claims, assist them with filling out applications for Lending Club or CareCredit Financing (with 6- or 12-month interest free terms) and, in select cases, make special arrangements if needed.  We charge fair fees for our services that appropriately reflect the time we devote to our patients and the materials we use, and we don’t play the insurance game of pushing more highly-reimbursed procedures on patients in order to make up for the under-reimbursed ones.

Whether it is that emergency case, or relatively routine procedures like wisdom teeth extraction and dental implants, rest assured you can count on us.

For a relationship to be healthy, both agree to take “the good with the bad.”  We are ready and willing to have this relationship with your office.  Just give us a call!