Yes, We Process Insurance

Yes, We Process Insurance

Dentists should feel completely confident that their patients will get the best treatment possible when they refer them to a specialist.

That’s what we believe at Manchester Oral Surgery and that’s why we made the decision in 2014 to go “out of network” and no longer be a participating provider with any dental insurance company. We decided to do things a little differently than “the traditional way,” and that includes the way we process insurance.

Yes, we process insurance – we just don’t let that influence how we care for our patients. We refuse to allow insurance companies to compromise the trust referring dentists put in us by trying to influence how we treat patients and what treatments our patients receive.

Typically, when in-network dentists provide dental services to their patients, their patients pay their insurance co-pay (if they still have benefits left in their benefit year) and the insurance company reimburses the dentists for the care provided.

You can be assured that the patients you refer to Manchester Oral Surgery will still receive any benefits that they are entitled to from their insurance company. Our staff will make sure of that by processing their claims and working with their insurance companies.

Some insurance companies choose not to directly reimburse out-of-network dental offices, so we request that patients reimburse us for our services. In turn, we submit insurance forms on their behalf. In this case, the insurance companies reimburse patients directly for whatever benefits they have coming. We help make that process easier by providing no-interest and low-interest financing. Our doctors will pay the processing fees so that your patients are able to obtain the financing they need to pay for the recommended treatments.

The process may be different, but we feel this allows us to meet the high standards we set for patient care. We charge a fair price for the work we provide and we are transparent with our fees. Ultimately, we don’t feel like we have to “rob Peter to pay Paul” and charge excessively high fees for some procedures in order to compensate for low reimbursement fees on other procedures.

When we made the decision to “go out of network,” we did so knowing that in most cases our patients would still be able to use their benefits with us. We will do everything possible to ensure that the patients you refer to Manchester Oral Surgery receive the specialty treatment you recommended.

We have always put personalized care for individual patients above the collective managed care mentality of the insurance company and that will not change at Manchester Oral Surgery!